Wave Farm Study Center

The Wave Farm Study Center is home to:

  • A Research Library providing reference materials to artists, curators, students, and educators researching contemporary and historical practices in media, radio, sound, and visual arts with respect to the topic of transmission and reception.
  • Accommodations for the Wave Farm Residency Program.
  • WGXC's Acra Studio, one of three studios serving the non-commercial, creative, community FM radio station WGXC 90.7-FM.

  • Internship Opportunity

    Wave Farm is looking for a 2015 Summer/Fall Intern to assist with the Wave Farm Artists Residency Program, Transmission Arts + Experimental Sounds Radio Programming on WGXC 90.7-FM, and the Wave Farm Study Center Library + Archives. Applicants should be prepared to commit one to two days a week (including Saturdays.) Applicants should posses enthusiasm for transmission arts and be interested in an immersive experience including hands-on work with artists and the inner workings of a non-profit arts organization. To apply, submit a letter of interest, specifying your availability, and resume for consideration to info@wavefarm.org.

    Past Wave Farm interns have gained valuable experience while contributing to Wave Farm programs and projects. Past interns include Maria Papadomanolaki, Penny Duff, Lily Gottlieb-McHale, Mara Barenbaum, Greg Fox, Victoria Estok, Goro Ikeda-Iyeki, Nina Bar-Giora, and Kira DeCoudres among others.