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Reality Radio

2015-01-26 – 2015-05-23

Wave Farm and the Bard College Conservatory of Music join the John Cage Trust in presenting Reality Radio, a four-month durational project spanning February to May 2015 featuring a continuous audio surveillance feed from the Bard College Percussion Studio headed by Sō Percussion. Reality Radio positions those who move throughout the studio – students, professors, administrators, visitors, even maintenance crews – in the role of performer, with listening audiences as ever present observers.

In conjunction with Reality Radio, Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM will feature a series of special live broadcasts: February 7, March 7, April 25, and May 23, 2015. Visit the Live Feed, check WGXC programs, or learn more about the Bard College Percussion Program below!

Click to Listen (Live Feed)

Reality Radio is presented by:
Wave Farm/WGXC
Sō Percussion
Bard College Percussion Program
John Cage Trust

Framework: Angélica Castelló

2015-03-28 7:00pm – 8:00pm

The "Framework" show is about field recordings, found sounds, and acoustic ecology. "This regular edition, #504,features works by Angélica Castelló, Ujjaya, Ian J. Cole, Jeremy Hegge, Porsje Rosołowe, and an introduction recorded in Irish by Eric Boivin."

Tabs Out: Witchbeam

2015-04-01 2:00am – 5:00am

Tabs Out turned three years old. We celebrated being America’s favorite cassette podcast three years strong by sitting in a smelly, cramped room playing cassettes by Witchbeam, Trust, Stellfox, Parashi, Porenut, Purity Of Essence, New World Pictures, Talugung, Cosi E Cosi, Beast Nest, Contrepoison, Rag Lore, Steve Palmer, and Tropical Rock. We also prank called a lesser cassette podcast and did some general goofin’. Things got a little hairy, so forgive us if we forgot to play a tape or fucked up in any way.

Curated by Wave Farm: Climactic Climate

2015-04-01 – 2015-08-31

Commissioned by the celebrated Ö1 Kunstradio - Radiokunst in Vienna, "Curated by Wave Farm: Climactic Climate" is a five-part series of new radio artworks on the theme of weather radio premiering on Kunstradio, and also airing on Wave Farm's WGXC-FM in 2015. The commissioned broadcasts represent a broad spectrum of reflection on transmission in relation to natural environmental conditions. Participating artists include Quintron (New Orleans, USA); Mark Vernon (Glasgow, UK); Pauline Oliveros (New York, USA); Anna Ialeggio (Los Angeles, USA); and Zach Poff (New York, USA).

Human Machine: Imperative Of Responsibility

2015-04-04 2:00pm – 3:00pm

"Imperative Of Responsibility" is the theme for Max Goldfarb's April show about the line between mankind and machines.

Amplitude Columbia University Sound Arts MFA Spring Exhibition

2015-04-17 – 2015-04-30

Opening Reception: April 16, 2015 6-9 p.m.

Vibration and resonance, environmental sonification and transmission, kinetic and mechanical sound, and the connotation of cadence are the central ideas that move throughout Amplitude, an exhibition centralized on Pioneer Works’ third floor space and distributed throughout the building. Amplitude features new work by Columbia University first year Sound Arts MFA students Alice Baird, Cameron Fraser, Chatori Shimizu, Frank Spigner and thesis projects by the newly established program’s first graduates, Carla Cisno and Nolan Lem. Curated by Wave Farm.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a special public program will take place on Sunday April 26, 2015. 60x60 Wave Farm Mix featuring sixty 60 second works will be presented at 1 p.m. Amplitude Live, performances featuring the artists included in exhibition, will take place from 2 - 5 p.m.

24-Hour Drone

2015-04-25 3:00pm – 2015-04-26 3:00pm

24-Hour Drone: Experiments in Sound and Music, is a collaboration with the Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, Netherlands and Basilica Hudson in Hudson, New York, and webcast and broadcast on Wave Farm Radio and WGXC. 24-Hour Drone features musicians experimenting in electronic, psychedelic, classical, non-western and instrumental drone music for a full 24 hours of low-frequency fun, set in-the-round in Basilica’s Main Hall. The event will be a fully immersive experience in-the-round with no stage. The circular arrangement is based off of the concept of a “tonal clock,” a visual representation of the chromatic scale, and the harmonic sacred geometry that ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras helped develop. Admission in person allows attendees to come and go as they please, but those who make the commitment to this endurance, long-duration work will be rewarded with the intangible feeling of meditative contentment, pure bliss, and communal collaboration. Likewise, radio listeners can come and go as they please. Performers include:
Prurient, one of the most well-known and influential names in noise music; SUUNS, Montreal-based futurists; Bobby Previte, a legendary percussionist and exceptional composer/orchestrator in the thriving jazz and experimental music scene; Patrick Higgins, of Zs, polyglot NYC composer and out-of-the-box classical guitarist; Arone Dyer, of musical duo Buke and Gase; Randy Gibson, a minimalist composer/performer who creates enveloping and ritualistic works in Just Intonation; Eric Fraser, an emerging exponent of a rare style of North Indian classical bansuri flute playing known for its purity and antiquity; Brian Dewan, of Dewanatron; inventor, composer and local renaissance man; Eliot Kessel, co-collaborator of sister and fellow musician Lia Ices, an extraordinaire of production and composition; Slow Collins, the psych mayhem union of Alexander Turnquist and John Rosenthal; Lea Bertucci, interdisciplinary artist/composer/improviser and bass clarinetist who is also an artist-in-residence at Issue Project Room; and C. Lavender (high and low frequency instrumentalist of Cock E.S.P. and Long Distance Poison), Hariprakash (gong sound healer), John Rosenthal (bassist/composer and manager of Second Ward Foundation), Alexander Turnquist (accomplished 12-string guitarist and composer), Ultraam (improvising psychedelic noise rock/jazz band), Logan Visscher (noise/experimentalist of World Lines), Harmonic Frost (Troy-based drone/ambient musician), and sound artists Seth Chrisman and Nathan McLaughlin. 24-Hour Drone occurs in conjunction with a re-creation of what happened when Lincoln’s funeral train stopped in Hudson on April 25, 1865. Organized by local historian Carole Osterink, at 8:45 p.m., a re-enactment will set forth from the outdoor grounds of Basilica, cross over the train tracks, and honor Lincoln’s passing with a dirge sung by women dressed all in white. Timed to coincide with the very hour of Lincoln’s funeral train arrival 150 years ago, the original event was described by the train commander as “one of the weirdest ever witnessed.” Afterwards, Bobby Previte will conduct an ensemble of Hudson Valley musicians at Basilica, in his re-imagination of Aaron Copland’s masterpiece, Lincoln Portrait, narrated by Brian Dewan. Basilica will present video work from Second Ward Foundation’s permanent video art collection in the North Hall on Sunday in tandem with the show. Special thanks to John Rosenthal and Second Ward Foundation for collaborating and supporting the event. In collaboration with Wave Farm, 24-Hour Drone will be streamed online in its entirety, with selected hours broadcast on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM radio station in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley. There will be dinner for sale on Saturday evening, brunch for sale on Sunday morning, and the bar will be open on Saturday night. Because Basilica is a unique industrial setting with limited seating, organizers recommend that drone attendees bring camping pads, yoga mats and/or pillows; sleeping bags/blankets, comfortable clothes, bottles for refill at Basilica’s water fountain, and endurance-enhancing snacks.

Other Music: Laura Kuhn

2015-04-25 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Other Music welcomes Laura Kuhn of the John Cage Trust, for a special program on John Cage and Percussion live in WGXC's Acra Studio at the Wave Farm Study Center in conjunction with, Reality Radio, a four-month durational project spanning February to May 2015 featuring a continuous audio surveillance feed from the Bard College Percussion Studio headed by Sō Percussion. Reality Radio positions those who move throughout the studio – students, professors, administrators, visitors, even maintenance crews – in the role of performer, with listening audiences as ever present observers, and is a co-presentation of Wave Farm, the Bard College Conservatory of Music, and the John Cage Trust. Laura Kuhn, Director of the John Cage Trust, also serves on Wave Farm's Board of Directors.

60x60 Wave Farm Mix + Amplitude Live

2015-04-26 1:00pm – 5:00pm

In conjunction with the exhibition Amplitude this special program begins with a presentation of 60x60 Wave Farm Mix, and is followed by a Amplitude Live series of live performances featuring artists including in the exhibition.

60x60 Wave Farm Mix is co-presented by Vox Novus and Wave Farm. This special edition of 60x60 focused on Radio Art. Selected from an international open call, 60 works (created with, for, about radio and transmission) with durations of 60 seconds, comprise this eleventh annual 60x60 project. Included are works by Amplitude artists Cameron Fraser and Chatori Shimizu.

Composers selected for the 60x60 Wave Farm Mix include: Miles Leo Allen, Peter Barnard, Pedro Bericat, Colin Black, David Bohn, Eric Boivin, Joseph Bourdeau, Michael Boyd, Steve Bull, Christina Campanella, Sounds: Damian Catera, Words: Patricia Kositzky, Bernard Clarke, alan coon, Brett Copeland, Nathan Corder, Lin Culbertson, Grant Cutler, D. Edward Davis, Michael Dean, Benjamin Luke Deane, Justin Downs, Lorenz Erdmann, Vincent Euliano, Cameron Fraser, Soressa Gardner, David Heuser, Alan M Jackson, Tara Jackson, Brian D. Kelly, Tyler Kline, Keith Kothman, Sebastien Lavoie, Joshua Liebowitz, Stephen Lilly, Pol McLernon / Matt Lewis, Todd Merrell, Michael Nazionale, Serban Nichifor, Ken Nickels, Jesper Norda, Ken Paoli, Zach Poff, Aleksandr Rikhterman, John Roach, Lee Rosevere, Edward Ruchalski, Sam Sebren, Asha Sheshadri, Chatori Shimizu, Jason Sloan, David Jason Snow, Hans Tammen, Rachel Devorah Trapp, Dixie Treichel, Mark Vernon, Robert Voisey, Jane Wang, J. Wetherell, Chris Wood, and Sabrina Pena Young.

Amplitude Live is organized by Cameron Fraser. Information about participating artists will be available soon.

Reveil 2015

2015-05-02 12:02am – 2015-05-03 1:00am

Stay tuned for details about soundCamp's new iteration of Reveil in 2015. Hosted once again by Wave Farm Radio and Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM, Reveil is a live 24-hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by audio streamers around the world.

John Cage Evening Broadcast

2015-05-23 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Details regarding this special live broadcast will be announced soon.

Radio Relay

2015-07-18 – 2015-07-18

DinahBird's "Radio Relay" is the story of a box, a leather box that is over eighty years old and has lived in three different countries, and on two different continents. It contains over fifty 78 rpm recordings of classical music and opera hits of the day. The box and its contents were inherited by the artist's grandmother who was born on the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, in 1910. She grew up on Salt Spring. She took the box with her when she left the island in 1925 and carried it to her various adult homes until her death in 2000. In September 2012 DinahBird retraced the box’s long journey and took the records back to the island where they were first played.

Radio Relay is a vinyl release consisting of the the box of 78's audio (24:00), and on the other side of the release, a series of locked groves. In 2015, the project will relay across the globe, passed from one radio station to the next.

DinahBird writes, "The scratches formed en route will become part of the piece, mirroring the journey my grandmother’s records made." Over twenty stations, including Wave Farm's WGXC-FM, will participate by receiving the record, broadcasting the work, making an entry into the enclosed log, and then mailing it to the next station. Wave Farm's WGXC-FM will receive "Radio Relay" from the station VOBB (Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, Canada) and following a July 18 broadcast on 90.7-FM, send the record on to CFRC (Kingston, Ontario, Canada).